Panties model 24865 Wolbar
Panties model 24865 Wolbar
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Panties model 24865 Wolbar

$53.99 + VAT/TAX


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Tasteful panties, slightly higher than usual. On the front delicate tulle decorated with floral embroidery. Smooth sides and back, subtle ribbed bottom. Made of high quality organic cotton.

Cotton 80 %
Spandex 7 %
polyamide 13 %

Size Hips width
Czarny L 93-96 cm
Czarny M 89-92 cm
Czarny XL 97-100 cm
Czarny XXL 101-104 cm

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Czarny L, Czarny M, Czarny XL, Czarny XXL




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